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Brick pavers can add an enormous amount of curb appeal to your home or business. However, when not properly sealed and maintained the colors will start to fade quickly and before you know it you are painting the pavers and destroying your once beautiful surface. The sub-tropical climate in South Florida will deteriorate Pavers over time if not protected properly. By sealing the surface, this will help prevent this from happening. Properly protected, these types of surfaces will live for years to come. Unprotected when exposed to these elements the stone will start to deteriorate. 


Will Paver Sealing make my surfaces slippery?

The main reason many people have chosen not to seal pavers is due to the threat of increased slipperiness when the surface is wet. This is a valid concern, however, our Paver Sealing process can include a non-skid aggregate and is designed for the use on brick paver and travertine surfaces. This will not make the surface as slippery as traditional paver sealers when wet. If the surface being slippery is a concern, we offer Natural Look Paver Sealers which are not slippery at all. We offer three Paver Sealer options; Natural Look, Wet Look and Wet Look with a non-skid aggregate. We will show you a sample of all options so that you can make the best decision for which is best for you.

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